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Happily ever after is easier said than done…Sarah Matamoros can’t complain. After immigrating from Mexico when she was nine years old, she’s content with the life she’s made for herself in sunny San Diego. She works hard at her mother’s housecleaning service by day and spends the evenings with her quirky eight-year-old daughter, Grace.From a very young age, Emory Owen had several concepts drilled into her head. Success is everything. Be the best. Fight your way to the top. Expectations were high in the Owen household and the world was watching. Born into a high society family, Emory never wanted for anything…at least anything money could buy. When she meets Sarah, hired to sort her mother’s home, her sterile life suddenly sparks into color.But when the emotional logistics of combining two very different worlds proves to be too much, a terrifying turn of events spurs the question: If love exists, can it really find a way?

MM3DB™ 3dB Mini Antenna for UTStarcom 5750 Magnetic Mount & Portable

A top quality antenna that will reduce your exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiations if used properly with your UTStarcom 5750 (instructions included), while increasing your UTStarcom 5750 performance and decreasing dropped sessions. This antenna includes the direct-connection adapter for the UTStarcom 5750 and comes with a total cable length of eleven feet. The adapter is easily replaceable so that if you change your device you won't have to purchase this complete set again. No installation required. One year limited warranty included.

Diverts harmful EM radiations into the antenna and away from the user.
Increases your UTStarcom 5750 performance..
Can be used in a vehicle, at home, or anywhere else since it's light and portable (weights just 2.2 ounces and measures just 2.6 inches).
Up to 3dBi signal gain.
Made with top quality craftsmanship and RoHS-compliant components. One year manufacturer warranty included.